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Experience Pays

Our team has over 30 years of experience and uses cutting edge technology solutions to get your practice paid. We work as an extension of your staff so you can focus on your patients. 



Taking Your Practice to
the Next Level

Best Billing Practices

Our experienced team has decades of experience with all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management

Flawless Execution

We utilize best available technology tools to achieve speed and quality in our performance

Growth Mindset

We continuously learn from data patterns to improve not only our operations but also to train your staff






  • Allergy Medical Billing

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics

  • Pediatric Medical Billing

  • Pediatric Critical Care Billing

  • Hospitalists Pediatric & Adult Billing

  • Neonatology Professional Billing

  • Adult Critical Care



Our Experts Are the Finest

When you choose MedX for your medical billing services and receivable management, your accounts receivable will be overseen and processed by MedX's seasoned specialists.

We know for your practice to be successful, collections should be meticulously examined. Our team continuously analyzes payment patterns looking for ways to improve collection rates. Any discrepancies are investigated including discussion with your office for further code clarifications so a plan could be developed to remedy the situation. Our staff will not let insurance carriers determination go unchallenged ensuring denial rates for your practice are minimal. We also follow-up with patients to collect on your behalf.

A client manager, with extensive billing experience, is available to you for any questions or concerns you might have. We also make extensive reporting available to you so that you have all collection details at your fingertips.

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Let’s Work Together

4510 E Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 200, Long Beach, CA - 90804

Tel: 800-642-8004

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